Noir Black Dog Onesie

Noir Black Dog Onesie

80% Nylon 20% Lycra
9 Sizes Available

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The Noir Black Dog-Onesie is an all encompassing product for your dog. Whether large or small, the Dog-Onesie is great for keeping your dog clean whilst out on a walk.

Our Noir Black Dog-Onesie is made in a bold strong mud hiding colour which is trimmed with a blue binding to make the product stand out.

The Nylon Lycra material is of our usual very high quality. A Dog Onesie will help keen your four legged friend clean, especially if it has a love of Mud, Puddles, Fox Poo, Horse Poo, Cow Poo and Rivers or Canals. Nylon Lycra is not a waterproof fabric, but it is extremely resilient to the rough and tumble of everyday use, is fully breathable and dries extremely quickly when wet.

The Dog-Onesie is easy to put on your dog, simply open the tummy flap, pop over its head, pull the legs up on your fingers like socks and drop the dogs legs through, then finally re-attached the tummy flap securely in place.

Our Dog-Onesie can also help dogs with allergies, protecting them from Grass etc, for Dogs which shed hair whilst in and around the house and for dog post surgery.

Sizes :

Sz1 – 2XS (10″-12″ – Actual Length Neck to Tail Base 11″)

Sz2 – XS (12″-14″ – Actual Length Neck to Tail Base 13″)

Sz3 – S (14″-16″ – Actual Length Neck to Tail Base 15″)

Sz4 – SM (16″-18″ – Actual Length Neck to Tail Base 17″ )

Sz5 – M (18″-20″ – Actual Length Neck to Tail Base 19″)

Sz6 – L (20″-22″ – Actual Length Neck to Tail Base 21″)

Sz7 – XL (22″-25″ – Actual Length Neck to Tail Base 23.5″)

Sz8 – 2XL (25″-28″ – Actual Length Neck to Tail Base 26.5″)

Sz9 – 3XL (28″-31″ – Actual Length Neck to Tail Base 29.5″)

Composition :

80% Nylon 20% Lycra

Wash Care :

Machine Washable at 30˚

Production :

Belvoir Rug Company products are designed and made in the Vale of Belvoir, England.

Additional information

Dog Onesie Size

Sz1 – 2XS – 11" length, Sz2 – XS – 13" length, Sz3 – S – 15" length, Sz4 – S/M – 17" length, SZ5 – M – 19" length, Sz6 – L – 21" length, Sz7 – XL – 23.5" length, Sz8 – 2XL – 26.5" length, Sz9 – 3XL – 29.5" length

Canine Size Chart

Noir Black Dog Onesie