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Lena Proctor Jan 2019

The end of last year was a difficult one as Ted had some issues towards the end of the season, meaning I missed the last couple of planned events. He was misbehaving very badly, which is unlike him as he’s such a laid back horse. So I decided to give him an extended holiday, which he really enjoyed.
We then had various veterinary checks before sending Ted to Lowbell Sport Horses to be brought back into work. Scott Wallace began reschooling and I’ve really missed riding! Ive been lucky to be able to borrow a couple of horses from friends which has made it easier and kept me riding fit. 
After Christmas Scott said he felt Ted was more back to himself so last Saturday I went over to ride him. He looked, and felt, amazing! The plan, if all goes well, is to bring him home next weekend and crack on!!
Still don’t really know what was wrong with Ted, they can’t tell you 😞 but at least it’s hopefully behind us now. It’s difficult when you only have one horse. 
But I can now be excited for the start of the season and have a few weeks to practice! I am thrilled that Belvoir Rug Company have agreed to work with me for another year and hope I can get some good results for them, their support is invaluable 😀
Lena and Ted