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COVID-19 VIRUS We, like everyone else are shocked and saddened by the continued spread of the COVID-19 virus and the effect it is having on everyone’s life. As a small business we take our responsibilities very seriously and have taken steps to protect our customers and our staff from the COVID-19 virus. As of today[…]

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Base Layers For Horses

Using Base Layers On Horses

For many years we have regularly wrapped our horses in many layers to keep them warm in the winter. However, the use of base layers for horses is relatively new. Most riders are aware of the use of base layers for themselves to keep warm. This has now started to transition across to their horses[…]

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Lena Proctor Update

Lena Proctor and Ted give us an update on her progress so far this season. As always with horses an ups and downs Summer.  Ted has been out competing BE100. Dressage has got so much better, getting 32 in our first BE Novice, and flying xc, but I think we’ve been feeding him too well[…]